Birds Eye aims to boost family fish consumption

Birds Eye is launching a first-to-market Fish Fillet Burger, which the company says in intended to help increase fish consumption at family teatimes, particularly amongst teens.

The launch of the Birds Eye Fish Fillet Burger follows comprehensive research into consumers’ fish eating habits which found a significant opportunity in children aged 11-16. With Fish Fingers loved by younger children and coated whole fillets appealing to adults, Birds Eye identified a clear requirement for a product that offers a more fulfilling meal solution to teens with bigger appetites.

Birds Eye Fish Fillet Burgers are made with flaky 100% fish fillets and will be available in both Cod and Omega 3 (both rrp £2.49).

Gayle Humphrey, Assistant Brand Manager at Birds Eye, comments: “As a category leading supplier, Birds Eye is continually looking for different ways to innovate and respond to consumers’ changing needs. The new Fish Fillet Burger provides a fantastic teatime solution that answers a genuine demand for wholesome and nutritious fish products that teens – and the whole family- can enjoy. We’re confident this innovative new product will therefore help to increase teen fish consumption and provide a boost for the whole category by bringing new shoppers into the aisle.”

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