Best-one reorganises drop shipment operations

Steve Gascoigne
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Best-one is reorganising its drop shipment scheme following the retirement of Steve Gasgoigne.

Drop shipment and supply chain logistics firm IDC, who worked with Gascoigne over the past three years, will now assume direct responsibility for all of Best-one’s drop shipment operations.

James Hall, Symbol Director for Bestway, commented: “Steve’s retirement offered us the ideal opportunity to look afresh at our drop shipment model and IDC, who already have an excellent working relationship with Bestway, was the logical and perfect choice to continue the fantastic work they have been doing. I am grateful to Steve for the role he played in making our drop shipment scheme one of the best in the industry and wish him a long and happy retirement.”

Tim Marland, IDC’s Business Development Director, is looking forward to the hand-over: “As an existing partner to Bestway Direct, we are delighted to have been selected to manage all their drop shipment suppliers on behalf of their retailers.”

Bestway also announced that following a successful trial in Scotland and the north of England, Bobby’s – van sales distributors of confectionery and snacks – will be available to customers through drop shipment nationally.

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