Bag charge working for Scotland

Reusable shopping bags

Independent retailers have seen a 90% drop in the use of plastic bags since a 5p charge was introduced in October last year, according to a Keep Scotland Beautiful report.

The carrier bag levy has proved to be a win-win for everyone, according to Shahid Razzaq, President of NFRN Scotland. He said: “Customers are happy to bring their own bags into our shops so the costs to retailers have gone down considerably. When and where we charge for bags we are able to put the money towards good causes in our communities, and there are huge environmental benefits given the huge drop in use.”

This sentiment was echoed by the Federation’s Chief Executive Paul Baxter, who commented: “This charge is clearly working for everyone in Scotland as it’s tackling the throwaway culture and so helping the environment and benefitting local communities, shopkeepers and their customers.”