Bacardi breezes back onto shelves

Bacardi Breezer

Bacardi has relaunched its iconic Breezer, the RTD that, as anyone who ever patronised a mid-1990s disco or student union will tell you, was leader of a pack of what were then disparagingly referred to as alcopops.

Fast-forward a quarter of a century or so, and it seems the Breezer has grown-up somewhat.

Gone are the glass bottles of brightly-coloured liquid, replaced by a more sophisticated 250ml can (ABV 4% and RSP £1.80) that contains one of three variants aimed at the more discerning palate: Blood Orange & Ginger; Strawberry, Cucumber & Mint; and Lemon & Elderflower.

Launched in partnership with Tesco, Breezer is available through Budgens & Londis now and Booker & Premier from 27 May.

Bacardi’s boss for Britain and Ireland Amanda Almond said: “We hope the introduction of Breezer will cater to people of all ages who are looking for new and exciting flavour combinations in a convenient, easy-to-drink format.”

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