Aye, whatever…

Bob Mortimer

Now, as his regular readers will be aware, UTC isn’t a narrow minded, parochial type of man. He’s a man of the world, experienced in many walks of life. He’s been around the block once or twice. [Eh, once or twice? Ed] But there is the odd occasion when he sits at his desk at SLR Towers and wonders if the many PR geniuses out there know what they’re doing as they sit with their beards and tattoos and fixie bikes in Shoreditch in London sending out their press releases.

One such occasion happened recently when he received a lovely email encouraging Scotland’s fine upstanding local retailing community to get behind… St George’s Day. Much as he loves Bob Mortimer, he just can’t bring himself to raise a cheer for a day of what presumably involves warm beer, Morris dancing and celebrations of Jamie Vardy.

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