Arran Brewery goes electric

Electric vehicle charging

Arran Brewery is to test using electric vehicles to perform direct deliveries in Glasgow and Arran.

The brewery recently invested in bio-diesel manufacturing units at its restaurant sites, Dreghorn in Ayrshire and St Fillans in Perthshire, to convert cooking fat into bio-diesel for use in its larger trucks and vans.

Managing Director Gerald Michaluk said: “This is a bit of a gamble. All electric vehicles of this size need phase 3 power, which is not widely available, and have a range of only around 100 miles on a full charge. On the other hand, charging is free and there is no road tax and their carbon footprint is considerably less than a compatible diesel vehicle.”

The brewery takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and Michaluk feels it is worth exploring the technology not just for its green credentials but to see if it make sound business investment sense.

An all-electric Peugeot Boxer van has been purchased for the trial.

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