Almost half of Scots cutting back on essentials amid cost-of-living crisis

Almost half of adults in Scotland are cutting back on daily essentials due to rising costs, with energy bills, fuel, and food the main expense concerns, according to a new survey on behalf of STV News.

The poll of 1,162 adults reveals 80% of respondents have been impacted by the growing cost of living crisis and half admitted this is the most financially insecure that they have ever felt.

Food is the most common thing Scots are cutting back on, with many saying they are opting for supermarket own brands, the survey found.

Meanwhile, one in five adults in Scotland are considering taking on additional shifts to boost their pay packet, with those in the west of Scotland most likely to increase their hours.

The vast majority of adults in Scotland (82%) don’t think that the UK Government is doing enough to help those struggling, rising to 90% of those with children in the household, and 67% also believe the Scottish Government should do more.