AG Barr to lower sugar content across the board

Roger White

AG Barr will reformulate its soft drinks so that over 90% of its portfolio will contain less or no sugar by autumn 2017.

The move includes Barr’s flagship Irn-Bru brand, with the Regular variant seeing a cut in sugar content.

Unsurprisingly, AG Barr says the reduction won’t affect the drink’s taste.

It is unclear whether the changes will result in Barr’s products becoming exempt from the Government’s forthcoming levy on sugary drinks. Irn-Bru currently contains 10.3g of sugar per 100ml. The threshold for the new tax is set at 5g per 100ml, with a higher rate kicking in at 8%.

Roger White (pictured), AG Barr Chief Executive, commented: “Evidence shows that most consumers want to reduce their sugar intake while still enjoying great tasting drinks.”

Saying that the company had responded to the public’s health concerns, White added: “Irn-Bru will remain a sugary drink. We’ve achieved a really good match, with less sugar, that tastes great.

“Our focus has been, and always will be, on making great tasting products for people today and for future generations.”