A truffle excessive

truffle crisps

As regular readers will know, despite the auld boy’s fondness for a Gregg’s sausage roll and a Scotch pie, he actually fancies himself as a bit of a foodie.

So he’s always lurking around the darker corners of the internet looking for that something special to liven up a Friday evening in with Mrs UTC.

His latest find is genuine truffle crisps – and he thought he would share his find with some of SLR’s more upmarket local retailers. At a tenner a bag, they’re reassuringly extortionate and should help sort the wheat from the chaff in your store. Made using real truffles by a company called TruffleHunter, they come in two suitably posh flavours: White Truffle & Lobster and Black Truffle.

We’re not talking Walkers Prawn Cocktail here. We’re talking the real deal. And they even come in compostable bags so your more sophisticated shoppers can feel smug about saving the world while they offer a glass of Dom Perignon and some truffle crisps out to their dinner guests before watching Love Island on the sofa.

You’re welcome, he says.

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