81% of Scots regularly repeat same meals week in, week out

Gary Maclean

Convenience is the reason why over three-quarters (81%) of Scots are ‘regularly’ repeating the same meals for dinner week in, week out, according to new research among over 1,000 Scots, carried out by YouGov on behalf of Quality Meat Scotland (QMS).

The findings offer fresh insight for local retailers seeking to ensure their offer meets current demand.

Over half (54%) of respondents consider themselves ‘stuck in a rut’ when it comes to dinner, with the majority (56%) of those who always have the same meals for dinner putting it down to simply not knowing what to cook.

Scotland’s national chef Gary Maclean (pictured) is now backing a move to encourage people across the country to enjoy Scotch Lamb, following the discovery that the average consumption of lamb in Scotland is only half of the UK as a whole and over a third (38%) of Scottish adults never eating lamb for dinner midweek.

Carol McLaren, Director of Marketing and Communications at QMS said: “The research has highlighted that people are missing a great opportunity to discover loads of simple, tasty dishes when it comes to their mealtime choices. This is largely down to simply not knowing what else to cook. We want to make Scotch Lamb the natural choice for midweek dinner plates, encouraging consumers to visit our online resource dedicated to fresh, delicious recipes created with convenience at the core.

“We have a great message to take to consumers. We have a delicious, nutritious quality assured food produced naturally right on our doorstep and there are endless tasty, midweek lamb meals which take 30 minutes or less to cook.”

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