7UP launch is just mint

7UP Free Mojito

7UP has unveiled a new sugar-free variant in a bid to tap into growing consumer interest in cocktail flavours.

Aimed squarely at adults, 7UP Free Mojito combines the minty flavour of the classic mojito cocktail with the citrus zest of 7UP. Launched in France in 2014, the NPD has already proved popular with consumers and accounts for 15% of 7UP sales across the Channel.

Kevin McNair, GB Marketing Director, Britvic Soft Drinks, commented: “We understand that sugar is a key factor in shoppers’ purchasing decisions so 7UP Free Mojito is the perfect option for health conscious consumers who are looking for something a little bit different. The 7UP brand has been a key driver of sugar-free growth in carbonates and we envisage that this variant will further strengthen this by attracting new shoppers into the segment.”

The 7UP Free Mojito packaging has been designed in line with the original 7UP Free to create a contrast to the green background on the rest of 7UP’s regular range. Designed to stand out on shelf and communicate the mojito flavour with its lime and mint colours, the packaging attempts to disrupt consumers shopping on autopilot.

In order to maximise sales, Britvic advises retailers to create a ‘sugar-free zone’ at the fixture, merchandising by format and placing 7UP Free Mojito adjacent to 7UP Free.

The launch will be supported with TV, out-of-home and sampling activity, along with in-store POS. This support will take place throughout the summer to raise awareness of the new launch when the brand experiences its natural peak in demand during the slightly less cold months of the year.

7UP Free Mojito is available now in 600ml PET and 99p PMP formats.


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