2 minutes of your time: Nick Williams

Nick Williams

As Golden Wonder looks ahead to celebrating its 75th birthday next year, we talk to Scotland’s Trading Controller Nick Williams to see how the category is looking ahead of this special birthday.


My team and I work very closely with Scottish independent retailers to support them by delivering a tailored offering which focuses on proven Scottish best-sellers and is supported by a promotional plan executed through all the major wholesalers with engaging consumer campaigns. By working together, we can successfully offer a wide range of affordable Golden Wonder favourites for customers – while delivering strong margins for retailers.

Golden Wonder has a big birthday, then?
Absolutely. Next year Golden Wonder will be celebrating 75 years of having Snacking Sorted. Golden Wonder has been a Scottish favourite since it all started in Edinburgh in 1947.

It all started in Scotland?
Yes, indeed it did. William Alexander, a local Stockbridge baker, started frying sliced potatoes in the afternoon after he’d finished baking for the day. He used ‘Golden Wonder’ potatoes – people loved them – and so Golden Wonder was born! Although there have been many changes since then, the brand is still just as loved today – currently the No.2 ‘crisps and snacks’ brand with a stunning 96% brand awareness [Norstat, 2020] and growing faster than the market at +12.1% [IRI, Sep, 2021].

The  offering now consists of nine punchy flavours of crisps as well as a wide range of great tasting snacks, including Ringos, Transform-A-Snack, Saucers and Tangy Toms.

What are the latest category trends?
£1 PMP sharing snacks have been a major driver of growth over the 18 months – growing at an impressive 25.9% YoY [IRI, Sep, 2021]. With sales in sharing bags skyrocketing, big bag formats are a must-stock for independent retailers!

Any upcoming NPD or campaigns?
Golden Wonder has met recent PMP and sharing demands by moving core lines into bigger formats. We recently launched £1 Spicy Bikers – taking our best-selling Fun Snacks into sharing. And also added new flavours to other successful brands – Ringos Sour Cream & Onion (to tap into the double-digit growth of this flavour) and our ever-popular Cheese & Onion Transform-A-Snack.

The brand is now launching a new range of £1 PMP sharing crisps that offer even more: more premium flavours, more sales and more profits. The three unique flavours – Mature Cheddar & Spring Onion, Chargrilled Steak and Crispy Smoked Bacon – were consumers’ preferred flavours and have been specially crafted to deliver Golden Wonder’s legendary taste that is perfect to share.

Since launching our first Cheese & Onion crisps (in a green bag) almost 60 years ago, Golden Wonder has been famous for fully-flavoured crisps. These latest flavours are exclusively available in £1 PMP packs and are the perfect way to upgrade any sharing occasion. The launch will be supported with a digital campaign, a national Share & Win competition and extensive trade marketing support.

What do you have planned for your big year?
2020 will be our 75th year as a British snacking favourite. Golden Wonder has achieved a number of notable ‘firsts’ such as being inventors of Ready Salted and the launch of Cheese & Onion way back in 1962. We have some exciting plans to celebrate this milestone that will continue to excite and engage our loyal consumers – and drive sales and profits for our ever-supportive independent retailers. Watch this space…!

Every product is Golden Wonder-fully flavoured ‘with more punch per crunch!’ which is perfect for our Scottish consumers. Together… Scottish independent retailers and Golden Wonder can have snacking sorted!