Want a Flake in that? Sykes and Boddy reunite

Melanie Sykes

It’s been 20 years since they last appeared on TV together, but Boddingtons and Melanie Sykes are getting together again for a new ad campaign.

The award-winning original ad famously saw Skyes serve a pint of Boddingtons from an ice cream van with the line “Want a flake in that love?”

Reprising the relationship, AB InBev will launch a new digital marketing, social media and PR campaign this summer. The campaign, including brand new video content, will capture the essence of the original advertising with a contemporary twist for today’s audiences.

“I’m incredibly fond of my association with Boddingtons Bitter,” said Melanie Sykes. “I really enjoyed shooting both my commercials for them. I am very proud of the adverts and I know they hold a lot of nostalgia not just for me but for many people.”

Nick Robinson, AB InBev Marketing Director, UK and Ireland, added: “Melanie and Boddingtons have always been the perfect match and we’re delighted to be bringing them back together!”