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Confectionery is not only the most valuable category in your store, it is also the most impulsive category. This means it can help you unlock more sales and therefore worth spending your time planning where and what to stock.

We recommend focusing on 2 key areas in your store:

  • Main Fixture
  • Secondary Displays

We also recommend that your range covers all need states: e.g. self eat, sharing and gifting.

Confectionery Top Tips

  1. Focus on best-selling lines
  2. Offer a range that covers all need states: e.g. self eat, sharing and gifting
  3. Place best sellers in best selling area
  4. Only dual face very top sellers, where space allows
  5. Use manufacturer point of sales material
  6. Make the most of brand investment – have displays in-store when consumer will be most aware of products
  7. Keep shelves fully stocked
  8. Keep shelves tidy to help consumers scan the fixture
  9. Make pricing clear
  10. Maximise use of promotional stock

Top sellers:

Make sure you stock the right products that your customer will love.

Our top selling countlines:


Our top selling bags:


Our top selling blocks:


Our top selling pocket candy:

pocket candy

Our top selling gifting and sharing products:

gifting range

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Independent stores 2 metre 7 fixture illustrated.

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