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Belvita, Ritz and Oreo biscuits



The UK’s biscuit market is worth £2.3bn1, and one of the top five ‘impulse categories’2 making biscuits a great opportunity for convenience stores.

Biscuits are highly relevant to today’s consumer needs and the two strongest shopper missions in convenience – ‘the top up shop’ and ‘on the go’.

What to stock

  • Focus on brands driving growth: Oreo is a great example of this.
  • Make sure your range covers sweet, savoury and healthy biscuits, and within each, focus on brands in growth and best sellers.
  • Savoury growth is being driven by new products and new portion formats.
  • Sweet biscuits are the largest sub category, with ‘everyday treat’ showing the greatest growth.
  • Healthy biscuits include breakfast biscuits – which meet the consumer need for a convenient format for the ‘most important meal of the day’.3

For biscuits it’s really important that retailers tap into the two shopper missions – the top up shop and the on-the-go shop.

Unlocking the opportunity
What makes a sales opportunity

Shopping made easy

Your main biscuit fixture should meet your consumers ‘top up shop’ needs and should account for about 80% of your biscuits offering. We recommend the fixture should be laid out logically with distinct section for sweet, savoury and healthy biscuits.

Inspired to buy

Your on-the-go biscuit range should account for around 20% of your category space and should offer a range of portion packs.

Consider location in store so your busy shoppers can see it immediately. For example, site biscuits next to your coffee machine.

Better choices

Make sure you stock brands that are being invested in and brands that are tapping into the latest consumer trends. For example only 32% of biscuit shoppers are under 45 years of age4. For the long-term sustainability of the category it is key to ensure biscuits are relevant to the younger shopper.

Oreo has really resonated with shoppers: 55% of Oreo consumers are under 454.

64% of consumers3 believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet a third skip the meal. belVita is offering a solution to these time-starved consumers.


Top up shop planogram Top up shop

An ideal range should cover 60% sweet, 20% savoury and 20% healthy with products grouped by sub category to give the fixture logic and make it easier to shop.

Impulse planogramOn the go fixture

A range of single serve snacks located in a highly visible place in-store.

1: Nielsen 06.08.16
2: him! Convenience Tracking Programme 2015
3: Engage Research for Mondelez International U&A July 2015
4: Kantar World Panel UK 2015